Saint Joseph Home Sale Practice

Fact, Fiction or Faith?

This word of month custom, to untold thousands of people about the burying of a St. Joseph statue will make it easy to sell has been around for years.

I've heard to detailed burying specifications:upside down, in the rear yard, 3' from the rear of the house, facing the house and right side up in the front yard and facing away from the house. Two different solutions.

The truth of the matter is, that the specification mean little if anything. What does mean everything is that the seller asks for St. Joseph's help, and believes that he will intercede and trusts him. For me, St. Joseph has been truly remarkable in real estate or any other request.

But all the faith in the world on a statue, or figurehead, doesn't take away from the principles of marketing real estate!

1. Clean your home and fix up things you know needing fixing. Do a good walk around your home, inside and out. Woud you buy this product? Is the landscaping overgrown and doesn't show the house to it's best curb appeal? Is the grass mowed, sidewalks shoveled in the winter? Are the tools put away, so someone doesn't say work, work and more work?

2. Stage your home so each room shows well. There are professionals that can really help you to see your home differently. Angling a chair and changing the lighting can "do" alot for your home. Realtors don't really sell houses, as much as expose homes where a buyer will say, "this feels like home".

3. Price the home to reflect true market value. We all have dreams that our house is the best and improved the most, but it would be wise to see what your competition is looking like.