My marketing is based on sound principles:

1. Jan McNulty.com

After many years of research, I do believe there are more avenues to market on line through this website.

2. NwLineHomes.com

Since I aligned myself with the train line, I find that I get clients who are commuters or people who are on expressway.

Currently I have a number of clients in the NwLineHomes system receiving email s on a regular basis. This is the #1 site for home seekers in Illinois.

3. Realtor.com

Expanded version, putting the video tours on, adding better descriptions other than what you find on the MLS promotes your home to a greater degree.

4. All my listings are in the Tribune On line with an expanded version which allows them to find the area homes in the price range they seek

5. I do use an SEO person who watches over my websites making sure everything is in the best possible position in the internet.

This gives you more exposure to your home

6. TourFactory.com allows me to track the effectiveness of buyer interest from varied sources. I share this report as well as Illinoisproperty reports and MLS interest reports.